intended as a reference source for bearing professionals

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What is "brg-catalogues.com"? Who is it for?

The internet is a fantastic source of information, but sometimes you have to really dig to find anything useful. New catalogues sometimes do not have the older references in - therefore they still have value.

This site collates catalogues relevant to bearing industry professionals which I have found useful during my career, and links to other sites I believe may be of interest.

Although I still work within the industry, I have no particular links with any of the companies whose catalogues I have uploaded and the information I have here is freely available and in the public domain. The major manufacturers will of course dominate due to the diversity of products they offer.

If you want to submit catalogues for upload please send them in PDF format with your company logo in jpeg format to admin@brg-catalogues.com and I will upload them as time permits.

This is NOT an E-Commerce site so please don't send stock lists or enquiries for product.

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Last update 12/04/2020